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Nita Zeqiri is co-founder and executive director of Foundation Shtatëmbëdhjetë. Nita is an artist - photographer. She has been photographing since 2003 and her work was presented in national and international exhibition including National Geographic Photo of the Day. She uses photography and film as tool for personal and social change, with particular focus in gender issues.


Exhibition "Raffle"

|duo17, Motrat Gallery

Prishtina, Kosovo



Humasns of Dokufest - Dokufest

Prizren, Kosovo


Smash the Patriarchy - Wom'an

Prishtina, Kosovo 2018- ongoing.

Solo Exhibition “ n’Pah | Emphasize “  Public Bulidings Prishtinë, Kosovo, September 2014.

Solo Exhibit “ në Botën Teatër |in World of Theater” December 2010 Prishtine & January 2011 Mitrovice.

Solo Exhibition “Momente Qetësie | Serenity Moments” 07.09.2009, “A” Gallery Prishtine.


National Geographic “ The Bride” Photo of the Day

14 December 2013.


Contemporary Photography Exhibition "My name is Balkan" Tirana, Albania 2016.

Multimedia Exhibition "Question of the day" Prishtine, Kosovo 2016.

International Art Expo “Smart Cities & Hybrid Identities” Venice, Italy 2013.

National Collective Exhibition “Guri Madhi” Korçe, Albania 2011.

International Photography Exhibition “Focus” Fier, Albania 2011.

International Photo Exhibition“Gjon Mili” Prishtine year 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2004 National Art Gallery of Kosova.

Collective photography exhibition “Close UP” London year 2003 Serpentine Gallery London.

Collective exhibition “Flaka e Janarit” Gjilan 2009 Art Gallery Gjilan.

Collective exhibition “Salloni Vjeshtor” Gjilan 2008 Art Gallery Gjilan.



"Through the mind"|duo17,

Dokufest- International Documentary and Short Film  Festival, Prizren,Kosovo 


"A constellation of selves" - 17

HAPU - Festival of Art in Public Spaces, Prishtinë, Kosovo 20-22-23.07.2017

NIBAR - Animated Film Festival, Pejë, Kosovo 2017

Museum of Mitrovica, Mitrovicë, Kosovo 2017

Cultural Park “Ali Podrimja”, Gjakovë, Kosovo2017

Termokiss - Alternative Space, Prishtinë, Kosovo 2017.

Eastern Neighbour Festival “Ëmbeltorja - Sweet shop”, Den Haag, Netherland 2014.

-MakeDox “The Invisibles” Skopje, Macedonia 2014

Cultural Spaces “The Invisibles” Basel, Switzerland 2013.

Human Rights Festival “The Invisibles” Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina 2013.

Family Planing Animation “7 Billion Action” organized by UNFPA, Kosova 2011.




2013 National Geographic “ The Bride” Photo of the Day. 

2011 Winner of first prize in competition “7 Billion Action” organized by UNFPA, Kosovo.

2011 Winner of second prize “Focus” International Photography Exhibition Fier, Albania.

Winner of second prize Photo-Marathon 24/7 Southeast Dodona Theatre Prishtina,Kosova.



00383 (0)44 728643

Prishtinë, Kosova

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